Every year, we offer a tour to the top three men's and women's teams. These annual tours are usually between 8 and 12 days long with the focus being on giving the team some time to bond both on and off the court in unfamiliar surrounds. The club has travelled all around the world in previous years and hope to continue this through alumni support, hosting, sponsorship and careful planning.

The Prentice Cup and Seabright Cup are two unique, prestigious events, held biennially between an Oxford/Cambridge combined team and a Harvard/Yale combined team. Matches alternate between the All England Club in England and the Seabright Club in the USA. The top three Men's players and top two Women's players from OULTC are chosen to represent the Oxbridge team which travels to the USA to tour and play for the cup in olympic years. Being selected to play in this prestigious fixture is a great privilege and past players put in much time and effort to ensure that the tradition of both cups can continue. 

M23 2015 Alicante