The Cuppers Trophy is the the most coveted trophy in all college sports, and tennis is no exception. The Cuppers tournament is a knockout tournament that runs throughout Trinity term and the rules can be found below. If you have any questions about entering teams in cuppers or whether your college has a team please email the university tennis co-ordinator at  or your college captain who's details can be found on the college contacts page.

The 2016 winner was St John's College, who prevailed over Queen's College 7-2.


Tennis Cuppers Trinity 2016 – Rules and Regulations

The Setup:

There will be a knockout draw of 32 teams. Four teams will be seeded.

Teams shall consist of 6 players, and may be mixed or single sex.  The team can rotate from week to week.

The Format for Ties:

The players must be grouped into 3 pairs, numbered 1-3 in terms of relative strength of the pairing.  Each pair must play a 1 Set rubber against each of the opposing 3 pairs (the matches may be in any order).  The team that wins the most rubbers (out of a possible 9) progresses to the next round.

The Scoring for Ties:

Each rubber will be a single set, each set up to 6, with a tie-break at 6-6.

Your Responsibility as Captain:

As Captains, you must schedule the fixture with your opposition captain and organise for a team to play by the end of the week specified at the top of the draw.  Please fill out the match report, including the names of players and the result of each rubber, as soon as the match is completed here

All matches must be completed by the end of the specified week – if not, then a coin will be flipped to determine the winner.  However, if one team appears to have been avoiding completing the tie on time, they will be disqualified. Please email  within that week, if that is the case. You will be informed as soon as possible about your next opponent so you can schedule your matches as early as possible.

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